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Clara Health

"Savvy Coop helped us recruit a team of qualified, influential advocates. These patient leaders worked with the Clara team to develop a recruitment strategy for our client's clinical trial in the rare disease space. They produced top quality content that resonated within their community and helped us deliver a successful recruitment campaign for our client."

"When embarking on this ambitious project we knew from the outset it was important to work closely with patients from a range of backgrounds, to understand their perceptions and perspectives when it came to their health data and our app. Savvy Coop was key to enabling this link, bringing together patients for focus groups and testing purposes."

Salem Oaks

"Savvy Coop and Salem Oaks share a deep commitment to helping patients get involved in the development of medicines. In just two days, Savvy Coop helped us get some critical patient and caregiver feedback on an educational concept that changed the direction of the project." 

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Types of Savvy Gigs


Academics and market researchers alike use surveys as a quick effective way to learn patient insights


Take a deeper dive into the patient experience with one-on-one interviews to learn unique perspectives

focus groups

What's better than one patient opinion, but many! Patients can have rich discussions in person or online

focus groups

Digital health companies and product designers need patients to try out their solutions and give feedback

discussion boards

Discussion boards are great ways to get diverse insights without patients even having to leave their home!

...and more!

There's no end to where patient expertise is needed! Think research teams, advisory boards, and speaking gigs!

...and more!

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There’s a lot of buzz in healthcare to put patients first. But just putting the word “patient” first doesn’t cut it. To really put patients first, professionals need to understand the real problems, real needs, and real priorities of patients. And the best way to do this is to ask the patients themselves.

Real Patient Insights. Real Savvy.

Savvy is a marketplace for patient insights. Savvy empowers patients and loved ones to share their experiences, give input, and be fairly valued for doing so. We are “disease agnostic,” meaning we represent patients and loved ones from all conditions. Our innovative platform connects our Savvy Crowd (patients, loved ones, helpful citizens) with Savvy Companies (scientific & market researchers, pharma, digital health, and other industry professionals) so they can work efficiently and collaboratively to define, design, develop and deploy patient-first solutions.

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