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Your antidote to 

COVID-19 cancellations

Chances are, you were supposed to be at a meeting that just got canceled, we feel you there. That’s why we are offering a number of virtual sessions to keep you informed, even at an appropriate social distance.


Virtual Booth

Savvy doesn’t always have booths, but when we do, they are awesome. We know this pales in comparison to our Valentine’s Day card-making station from last year’s HIMSS, but it’s a start. 

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Want a quick overview of what Savvy does? Learn about Savvy or share with your teammates!

Savvy One-Pager

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Want some guidance when and how to engage patients? We made you a slick checklist!

Savvy Checklist

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Want some hip stickers, buttons, or even sunglasses? Let us know and we will send them your way!

Savvy Swag