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Empowering people to use their patient experiences to improve health innovations.

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Co-designing the Future of Healthcare

The MATCH.COM of patient insights


Companies have questions. Patients have answers.

Too often, companies and innovators waste time and money creating products and services that don't meaningfully impact patients' lives. Why? Because they never bothered to ask patients.

Patient Insights Are Here

Savvy makes it easy for innovators to understand the patient experience by connecting them directly with diverse patients and caregivers, who earn rewards for participating in Savvy Gigs.

focus groups
ideation workshops
...and more!

Owned by Patients.

Finally, a company you can trust.

We are the first and only patient-owned public benefit co-op. Nothing says patient-centered like a patient cooperative.

Watch Our Puppet Show

Our Savvy Puppets are kind of famous.

Allow them to tell you more about how we help patients get paid for sharing their insights with companies and innovators.

Why People Keep Choosing Savvy


Know your experiences matter, are heard & will help others.


Be part of a movement, joining forces with others, improving health for all.


Get paid for your expertise, both by clients and by the co-op (if a member).


Learn about the latest innovations and resources from peers and professionals.


Savvy cultivates transparency through patient-ownership and profit-sharing.


| care partners & citizens |


| researchers & innovators |


Understand the patient experience, priorities and get valuable feedback.


Stop asking the same people, get diverse perspectives, innovate for all.


Our co-op members help find you the right patients to answer your questions.


So easy, seamless and cost-effective, why wouldn't you work with Savvy?


Bring solutions with the highest impact for patients to market -- faster!

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We are very friendly. Whether you're a patient or a professional, reach out to say hello or get your questions answered. We are here for you!
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