We are member-owned

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Membership is a one time fee of $34

Individuals needing financial assistance apply here.

Savvy is owned by patients

For too long, companies have created things for patients—not with patients.

Savvy is different.

(let us explain with Savvy Puppets)

Savvy is a co-op, owned by patients, loved ones and awesome people like you.

Unlike a traditional company that develops solutions for patients and ultimately profits off of patients, we chose a different approach. Savvy makes patients the shareholders, meaning we work with patients and share our profits with them.


What Makes A Co-op So Special?

one member
= one vote



% of company they own 
= how much vote worth
few people
see profits
shared between
co-op members

Give The Gift Of Membership

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Want to help someone else become a co-op member?

We make it easy to gift a membership to a friend or sponsor someone who can't afford it.