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Frequently asked questions

Why feature your story?

  • We're a co-op! You own Savvy too, so why shouldn't you get a chance to share your story?
  • We want our followers and people of the internet to hear from diverse patient voices

What would I post about?

  • You want to highlight the day in the life of a patient with your condition
  • You had a marathon day of appointments you want to give people a window into it
  • You attended a conference that you want others to know about
  • You want to inspire others with an achievement or just how awesome you are
  • You have another great idea

Can I add hashtags?

All features use the #MySavvy hashtag, so feel free to use it in your text, or we will add it. #MySavvy

  • Ex. "#MySavvy is #arthritis and #T1D"
You can suggest other relevant hashtags that would make sense for your condition/story:
  • Ex. #heartdisease #cancersucks #RAwarrior

What's expected of me if I am featured?

  • You'll get pumped and share it back with your network and followers.
  • You'll interact with people who may engage with your posts.
  • You'll follow Savvy's Social Media Code of Conduct (we have some basic ground rules below).

Where will Savvy promote my feature?

We will share your #MySavvy story on all our channels, make you a cool image to share on your accounts, and amplify your amazing story!

Savvy's Social Media Code of Conduct

  • You certify that you are the owner of images you use and are therefore not infringing on any copyrights or misrepresenting yourself or others.

  • You won't share content that a reasonable person would deem inappropriate or offensive, which includes, but is not limited to, content which includes the use of profanities or any obscene material.    

  • You won't promote or advertise products, services or companies for commercial purposes or personal gain.   

  • You won't post anything that could be considered medical advice.

  • You won't share any side effects or adverse events you have experienced with a medication or medical device.

  • You won't use your feature to rant about the industry. We know it needs improving, that's why we are here to help.

  • Savvy will have the sole discretion to not post and/or delete any content with no requirement of notice.      

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