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Savvy Cooperative is the gig economy for patient insights. Don't guess what patients want, ask them!

Whether you're healthy, have a chronic condition or know someone who does. 

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We connect healthcare professionals, industry, and innovators to patients. Patients can share their insights an experience. Ask patients.
Work with professionals in:
Market Research
Clinical Research
Digital Health
Hospital Systems
Insurance Companies
Pharma & Devices


We provide patient surveys, patient focus groups, patient interviews, patient user-testing, patient discussion groups, and more. Ask patients.
Share your experiences in: 
Focus Groups
Discussion Groups
Scientific Research
Speaking Opportunities


Patients can earn money by sharing their experience and insights.
Earn a variety of rewards:
Savvy Points 
Savvy Badges
Amazon Gift Cards
Visa Gift Cards

We Are A Patient Co-op

Tired of companies profiting off your data?

Become a co-owner, share in our profits!

Savvy is a co-op, meaning we are legally owned by our members, who are patients and people, like you!

Patients can earn money by sharing their patient experience and insights.
Savvy is a healthcare coop owned by patients. We share profits with our patient owners.

Members have a vote in what we do and share in our yearly profits. 

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