Reflections after launch.

Two days ago we launched Savvy Cooperative out into the world. I have all the feels.

As someone who suffers from intense Imposter Syndrome, the launch day was very scary. I had been running on adrenaline (and an extreme lack of sleep) up until the moment we went public to the world. I didn’t stress much in the moment. But on Monday, it all came rushing in — Will people embrace this? Will they even “get it”? Will patients judge a newcomer [business]? Will people understand the unusual co-op model? Will people trust me with this incredible privilege to bring this into the world?

I am humbled by the positive response. People I would have never expected have reached out, retweeted, or referred us to others who want to get involved. That’s not to say that people haven’t had questions (they have!), but those questions help to make us stronger.

The Pitch For People event last night was truly incredible. Not just because we won (still in shock) but because of the outpour of support coupled with really smart questions from people, both the judges and otherwise. Each question is a chance to reflect and improve, do better.

I am so excited that this is out in the world, and we can begin to iterate it together. I may be “CEO” but, as a co-op, Savvy take orders from our members (membership coming soon!), this is truly meant to be a community-driven effort. I promise to do my very best to steer this ship towards advancing patient-centricity, changing the narrative on patient engagement, and facilitating the mutually beneficial collaboration between healthcare consumers and professionals. But Savvy cannot do this without you, and I ask your continued trust, support and feedback throughout this crazy journey.

And if Savvy speaks to you and you want to explore ways to get involved, please let us know! Reach out at

In cooperation…

Originally posted on Medium, May 24, 2017

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