We are excited to announce the launch of our Savvybassador Program!

Savvybassadors will work closely with the founding team to generate ideas and come up with creative and exciting ways to raise awareness for Savvy Coop and why patients should be engaged as partners!

What's Involved

While we are looking for our first class of Savvybassadors to help us shape this new program, we image some of the following activities 

(note that you will not be required to do each of the below activities):

  • Commitment of a few hours each month

  • Work with the founding team on new initiatives and outreach strategies

  • Raise awareness of Savvy Coop to new communities, either on or offline

  • Spread the word about the new features and programs we launch, both to our existing Savvy members as well as those not familiar with Savvy

  • Highlight Gigs so we can improve our enrollment process and value of the co-op

  • Cultivate community amongst our membership

Who Should Join

While there are no specific requirements or boxes you have to check to be considered, we are looking for a diverse group of people with a mix of the following attributes (note, you do not have to be all the things!)

  • Uphold Savvy Coop's Core Values (ok, that's a must)​

  • Are creative and/or good at giving targeted feedback

  • Engaged in community groups (eg. patient groups, fraternities/sororities, faith-based organizations, parent groups, etc)

  • Have an online presence and social reach

  • Come from a mix of conditions, geographies, genders, ethnicities, health roles (patient, caregiver, "healthy")

  • Represent underserved and underrepresented communities

  • Outgoing and enjoy interacting with people 

  • Believe in the co-op and its mission (ok, another must)

Why Join Us

Savvy Coop has had an exciting first year, and we are looking for those who can help take that momentum and run with it! You'll get in at the early stage and help shape a program that could be here for years to come!

Savvybassadors will not only get bragging rights and cool swag, but they they will also earn more co-op dividends for their contribution to the co-op (translation: they'll receive more of our profits for their help).



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