Our Story

Once upon a time, there were two patients who were tired of healthcare innovators designing products and services without talking to patients first. They dreamed of restoring power back to patients, giving them a voice and fairly valuing their insights. 

That dream is Savvy Cooperative.

(let us explain with dolls)

About the Founders

We get that you want to know who's behind an organization, so we live in plain sight.
But remember we are a co-op, so check out our co-owners as well!
Photo of Jen Horonjeff smiling with conversation bubble saying "I'm Arthritis Savvy"
Jen Horonjeff, PhD
Chief Sparkplug
Photo of Ronnie Sharpe with conversation bubble saying "I'm Cystic Fibrosis Savvy"
Ronnie Sharpe
Collaborative Maverick

Jen grew up with juvenile arthritis and now has a laundry list of other conditions and surprises (like a brain tumor). She is super passionate about elevating and valuing the patient voice, and went on to become a healthcare researcher, human factors consultant, FDA Consumer Representative, and, most importantly, a patient advocate. Jen earned a PhD in Environmental Medicine, and her research focuses on patient-centered outcomes. Jen can usually be found dodging NYC traffic on her bicycle, sitting on her laptop next to her husband, or having a solo '90s dance party - she does a sweet running man.

Ronnie grew up with cystic fibrosis and is the founder of CysticLife.org, a rare disease social network. He believes in the power of community and the incredible resource they are to each other and the industry.  He has worked closely with healthcare companies to not only help them connect with patients, but to facilitate equitable collaboration between them. He is also both a PCORI awardee as well as a PCORI award reviewer. Ronnie can usually be found experimenting with different ways to brew coffee, at the gym with his wife, or hiding from his ever growing brood of children...they’re like gremlins!

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