Patient Insights

On Demand

The only subscription that benefits you and patients!

Why You Need Insights On Demand

If you are not checking in with patients every step of the way, you run the risk of pouring time and money into products, services, and initiatives that patients may not want or need. 


You don't have to spend months moving mountains in order to connect with patients. Now you can get valuable feedback fast!


Subscriptions flex to meet the needs and budgets of startups, agencies, pharma and beyond! There's no reason to get left out.


Stop guessing and start asking! Everyday patients, consumers and leaders across conditions are ready to give you feedback now!

Don't just Netflix and chill. Up your subscription game and chill knowing that you are creating real patient-driven innovations!

When To Use Insights On Demand

Life Science Companies

For “gut checks” when you:


  • Map out patient engagement strategy

  • Design your clinical trial

  • Develop campaign messaging

  • Plan a new product launch

  • Explore new patient access programs

Digital Health Companies

For “gut checks” when you:


  • Conduct user-discovery

  • Develop your product roadmap

  • Test new features

  • Work to better understand what patients really care about

Agencies, Firms and Consultants

For “gut checks” when you:


  • Develop a new business proposal

  • Design a new campaign

  • Conduct user-centered research

  • Work to become an expert in your clients' therapeutic area

What's Included



Meet with the Savvy team to get an immersive onboarding experience and learn how to maximize your subscription. 


Patients Insights On Demand

Hop on phone calls for simple “gut checks” or in-depth interviews with patients as you design and iterate solutions and ideas.


Savvy Strategy On Demand


Connect with Savvy’s expert team to discuss your engagement strategy and audit your approach to ensure the best outcome.


Gig Discounts


Receive a 15% discount on additional Savvy Gigs (surveys, focus groups, user-testing, etc) to support your design process.


Custom Solutions


Need something different? Perhaps you want to meet with patients in-person monthly to co-design or run surveys to get some quantitative data? Reach out and we can cook up a custom solution.

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