Savvy Cooperative's Verification Badge, a circlular badge with a heart and a check mark

We want everyone to know...

Savvy members are the real deal.

Verification is voluntary. 

You are not required to be verified at this time, nor do you have to be verified for every condition you may have, only the ones you want to represent and have people know you have been verified for. You can be verified for some now, some later!

You choose what to be verified for.


If you choose not to be verified for certain conditions, it may make you ineligible for some opportunities offered to verified members. However, verification does not guarantee your participation in all opportunities for that condition.

We make verification easy.

We don't need your whole medical record or even a whole document, just something that has name and proof of condition on the same page.

Here are some examples of verifiable documents:

  • note from your physician

  • screenshot of your patient portal

  • picture of a visit summary

  • copy of a health insurance statement

  • picture of a prescription bottle/label

Caregivers: the same examples apply for being verified for a loved one's conditions.


Professional advocates: if you work for an advocacy organization or have other credentials, please provide such documentation below.