Virtual Patient Input

More coming soon!

Thanks for your interest here! The truth is, getting patient input virtually is something we help companies and innovators do every day. That's why we are putting together a thorough guide to help you best understand how to do it effectively and equitably.

In the meantime, check out some of our webinars that can help get you started, and sign up to be the first to receive our guide.  

Virtual Sessions

How to Get Virtual Patient Input

Engaging patients virtually allows for more diverse input as it breaks down geographic and logistical barriers. With the current health threats, the need for ways to get patient input virtually will grow. Learn best practices and how-tos when it comes to getting virtual patient insights.

sxsw designing for inclusion.png

Designing For Inclusion

Join Jen Horonjeff, Vanessa Mason, André Blackman and Miya Osaki for as we talk about how we need a multistakeholder approach to ensure that treatment plans, trial design, and product development, are inclusive of the diverse communities they are meant to serve. 

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